XSPlatforms, Netherland

XSPlatfroms is an internationally well recognized company as a pioneer in the field of BMU (Building Maintenance Units & Access Systems) with its headquarter based in the Netherlands.
XSPlatfroms has one of the biggest sales & services network spread in 22 countries in Western Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East.
XSPlatforms is well equipped to provide solutions of facade access & maintenance of nearly any size of structure.
By visiting our site we will surely make this visit a rich and enlightening one, especially you’ll be able to see all the range of up to date products under one roof.Please take a look at the wide range of products:

  • Facade access and maintenance.
  • Suspended platform systems
  • fall protection systems
  • scaffolding systems

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Teupen GmbH, Germany

Active in more than 32 countries all over the world, Teupen has been manufacturing a unique series of mobile access platforms since 1977. We offer a wide range of advanced and extremely versatile systems capable of providing safe access in any situation. Among their entire product line, we are thrilled to bring to the Kingdom the Teupen LEO platforms with working height of up to 50 meters. Engineered and designed to function as a complete maintenance and access solution both indoor and outdoor.The complete range of machines includes:

  • Euro B Range
  • Euro C Range
  • GEPARD Range
  • LEO Range
  • EURO B Furniture Hoist
  • EURO C Furniture Hoist
  • APOLLO Universal Hoist
  • APOLLO Furniture Hoist

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AMV Koltek, Norway

Koltek Access Systems were first introduced to the market in 1982 and is today one of Europe’s leading brands in the access business. The company has pioneered a unique monorail technology with which we are able to service the most complex façade geometry; even if it means to install a vertical track!Koltek’s product line includes:

  • Aluminum Track Systems
  • Manual and Electric Trolleys
  • Suspended Platforms
  • Roof Car
  • Ladders and Gantries

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Fixator, France

Where a building’s architectural geometry stands in the way of placing a roof-based access system, or if it is simply our clients’ wish, we are able to tailor-design a monorail system to get the job done. Our systems are backed by Fixator’s 90 years of experience and know-how for the lifting of equipment and personnel lifting. Naturally, the personnel lifting winch specialist has designed suspended platforms to meet the requirements of contractors, building painters and manufacturers.We supply and install the following systems from Fixator:

  • Personnel Lifting
  • Material Lifting Hoists
  • Permanent Access System (BMU)

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