About us

Our company, a local entity was established in 1977 to cope with a rapidly developing construction industry in the Kingdom that is embodied in every modern architectural design. This speedy grow and evolvement has brought for the imminent need to protect the investments in all these buildings and high-rise towers by providing them with our sophisticated Building Maintenance Units (BMU) and safe facade access solutions and other specialized products such as underground shelters and ammunition storage safety equipments, plus security access systems, and automatic sliding and revolving doors. Through our company divisions, we supply the best Europe has to offer in our range. Furthermore, we are committed to provide you with unparalleled product support, service and personnel training to ensure continuous, smooth and uninterrupted operation. All products conform to the EN 1808 European standard and German TUV, the French APAVE and the Dutch LIFTNSTITUT.

Scope of Available Services:

  • Consultation during construction design phase.
  • Designing of required solutions and systems.
  • Providing layout drawings.
  • Preparations of tender specifications.
  • Supply, installation & maintenance of all products.
  • Providing cleaning services (monthly or annually contracts).
  • Providing well-authenticated European standard warranties for all products supplied.

Scope of Available Product Line:

  • Window cleaning system
  • Powered and manual roof cars
  • Monorail system
  • Aerial access & working platforms
  • Fall arrest and lifeline systems
  • Automatic sliding doors for building entrances
  • Revolving Glass doors
  • Security access portals (indoors or outdoors)
  • Underground shelter equipments & arms storages (Blast doors /blast valves / NBC filters etc…)
  • PVC accordial doors
  • Wall partitions

We do greatly appreciate your consideration and do look forward for an opportunity to serve you. Should you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us via telephone or email. Our staff is eager and ready to address all your inquires.

For More information, please click here to download full pre-qualification of MACE group.

March 2023

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